To the NoSleep Author's Page

What is it?

NoSleep Authors is a place for writers from Reddit's popular NoSleep subreddit to connect their Reddit identities to their literary ones, allowing fans to find them and enjoy their other work! Here you'll find your favorite NoSleep authors and links to their stories, websites, and blogs.

How do I get listed?

If you're interested in having your own author page, just click Claim Your Page to message our bot on Reddit. We'll set up your page and send you a link directly to your Reddit account. Note: to qualify for listing your primary username must have at at least five posts to NoSleep, and at least one story which has achieved more than 200 upvotes.

How can I request a feature or ask questions?

You can get in touch with the NoSleep Authors creator by clicking Contact on the sidebar, or by joining the conversation on The NoSleep Authors Subreddit.