The man. The legend.


Christine Druga, aka cmd102, is a stay at home mom who enjoys writing horror to break up the monotony of watching Nick Jr. and listening to ramblings on about Minecraft.


I mostly lurk to enjoy the stories other people put out, but occasionally I work up the nerve to post something or work on something I think others will enjoy in some way.


My name is Kristopher J. Patten. I’m a scientist by trade and a writer by choice. Actually, that’s not quite true; writing isn’t a choice. I have had the compulsion – the physical need – to write since at least the age of 7. Writing seems to be such an inherent drive to me that, oftentimes, I’ll only feel truly at ease when I’ve exercised the demons of narrative through my pen. Or, you know, keyboard. Pen sounds better. Those first stories were mostly run-on sentences and dream-fulfillment...


E.Z. Morgan (EZmisery) looks like an adorable librarian but writes stories that will keep you up at night.


My name is Patrick James D. Narvasa. I'm a Filipino writer who is young and open for new experiences ( no not the experiences you're thinking). I became seriously in love with horror since I was 8 years old. Playing video games, dancing, these are the other things I'm in to besides writing.

I also love eating. Seriously. Someone needs to stop me from eating.


J.P. Carver lives in rural Pennsylvania, spending the days playing with new technology and writing stories of all sorts. Books include Seer in the Dark and DataTrigger.


Human_Gravy is an author of over 130 stories found across Reddit’s /r/NoSleep, /r/ShortScaryStories, and /r/Darktales. Several of his stories have been adapted into audio stories by The NoSleep Podcast and other audio narration channels on YouTube. Inspired by masters of horror like Stephen King, Brian Keene, and Clive Barker, Rafael hopes to one expel the darkest, most gruesome, tales of terror which live in his head. You are invited into his world of darkness. Please stay…forever.



Hello. I am Christopher Maxim. As you probably already know, I enjoy writing. Something you might not know however is that most of my stories are based on actual locations or occurrences. I will not go into too much detail, so I'll let you, the reader, decide which parts of my stories are fictional, and which parts might be true.




Matthew Shuck is a thirty one year old fiction writer from Salem Oregon. His wife and two children put up with the nonsense that goes with that as best they can, but won't let him quit his day job.


Manen is a Canadian horror fiction writer and sock puppet connoisseur. Manen's writing has been featured on Thought Catalog, the Nightmare Collective anthology and on as /u/manenlyset. This sentient blob of flesh can also be found on twitter (@manenlyset) or in your bathroom mirror at exactly 12:35 pm on the full moon.



Michael Blake, known occasionally by his reddit username SearchingTheDark, is an author, programmer, and horror movie fanatic. Between projects he blogs and kayaks.


Writer S.A. Decomprosed

Born in the Northeast

A sentient bag of meat and bones, a slut for ghosts, and all around rumpshaker.


Kevin Sharp writes horror stories & is never going to finish his novel. He lives with his wife & two kids in Pittsburgh. His collection of short stories is available here.


Everything is strange. Everything is strange. Everything is strange. Everything is strange. Everything is strange. I am the Grindhorse. I write the weirdness.


Hey, I'm Peter. I'm a writer, filmmaker, and musician from Raleigh, North Carolina. I like to make stuff, and I love to tell unique and energetic stories that I promise you've never heard the likes of before.

I am currently writing short stories for Nosleep, working on a couple new screenplays, writing and recording a podcast called Til Death, and working on my second album as AKLF. I hope you like the stuff I make.



Original weird fiction, dark fantasy, and neo-gothic horror stories. Full collection of stories in their original format and titles can all be read for free on my website.




Just a little brown skin girl with creepy shit from her childhood to write about.


SARwoods is an author based in the Midwest. They enjoy all things horror, and are working on a book based on their series.



Xylonex, a.k.a. Seamus Coffey, is a regular NoSleep contributor. A 33 year-old starving artist. He alternates between writing fiction, performing on stage with his band, and painting.


I'm a Vancouverite, who's also a Librarian and Archivist (really!), that's been passionate about writing from a young age, but only got into it in January of 2016 after being enthralled with the NoSleep Podcast's repertoire of stories and being moved to create similar works. I owe all my success in my writing, not only popularity but most importantly the quality of my writing itself, to constructive criticism given every step of the way.

So, settle in, turn off the lights, click open a...



Hey! Hope you all enjoy my tales! Check out my blog and my latest novel, Don't Kill The Pretty One! Thanks!


I write weird fiction. Read my latest work on my website. I am probably mildly drunk right now.


FeyedHarkonnen was introduced to the world of NoSleep by a friend and was inspired to write when the words just needed to escape. A former truck driver, veteran, police officer, and desk jockey; He has been around the world and seen a lot of things that need to be explained. Read the stories and see if you can tell which parts are fantasy and where reality seeps in at the edges.


Sometimes I have really bad dreams. Sometimes I write them down.


Editor in Korea.

Scared of cannibalism.

Writes mostly about cannibalism.


Zch "Z" xz still doesn't feel like a real author, despite having a relatively successful series on /r/nosleep and over 60 shorts on /r/ShortScaryStories. Maybe one day, when the whispers take corporeal form.


I am the itch, and these are my stories.


L.A. More is an experimental horror writer who thrives on puzzles and codes, as well as multimedia fiction. In her other life she writes fantasy and cyberpunk, and is a professional editor working with established publishers and literary agencies.


Hello my name is Brianna, I write short scary stories and mini series for NoSleep. I also have a personal horror blog filled with more scary stories where I include all my writing and occasionally add extras such as interviews with authors who have published horror stories and anthology collections. Visit my horror blog Eerie Dolls for more stuff!



Likes writing. A whole lot.


Michael Marks (aka /u/deadnspread) is a writer of scary stuff, weird stuff, unsettling stuff and cosmic strangeness.


Writer of erotica and horror, blogger for Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries, library worker, and owner of etsy shop Teensy Wonders.



Jesse Rose has been writing stories since he was about eight years old. His worst fear of growing up became a reality, and with it brought a thirst for knowledge about the world and its contents. He consider nights with his face buried in a science textbook with a glass of whiskey his favorite. As a result, most of his stories contain a scientific element mixed with a religious commentary.

He contains left hemisphere dominance in his brain. Think what you will with that information...