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Devil's Brew: And Other Tales

In this collection of short stories by horror-obsessed author Michael Blake a girl cries for help and is answered by unknown forces, and a man on the other side of the country faces the demons of his past and an addiction he thought he had overcome.


From the Ashes of Pompeii

Go on a hair-raising journey from the scorching ashes of Pompeii, to a mysterious lakebed, and through a disturbing maze-like bunker. Will the story of a girl freed from her chains lift your spirit? Would you believe that good luck has its downsides? Encounter horrors hiding in plain sight within this collection of twelve tales of terror designed to shock and frighten you. You might discover fears you never knew you had.

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The 1%

Torture. Fear. Power. Transformation. The 1% tells the story of Dr. Allship, a humble plastic surgeon with a vast collection of side projects. Readers will unravel the mysteries of his past, as well as those of his "clients." The 1% represents a perfection too high for any human to reach, and too tempting not to strive for. Are you willing to try?

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Knots: Stories to Entangle and Ensnare

Knots is an anthology of stories that will get caught up in your thoughts. Whether it's exploring psychological horror, the aftermaths of trauma, or simply the fear that envelops us constantly - this collection will astound and horrify you. It contains the most well-known stories of author E.Z. Morgan, as well as some hidden gems that will keep you up at night. It also contains illustrations by Lefthanded Lenya.



25,000 word novella sold on Halloween 2015. No more copies.


Don't Kill The Pretty One

Luke, the bespectacled, scrawny, walking wedgie of Redvale, must keep up with the scary stories shared between he and his unexpected best friend, Amanda. Storytelling is the only link between he and the pretty, young daydream of every boy in their senior class. But when the stories jump into their real world lives, this unexpected pair must face fears beyond their world of fiction. Every story becomes a clue to find out who else knows the tales only the two share - and who wants Luke dead.

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The Patchwork Man: And Other Tales

A collection of terrifying tales by Michael Blake

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The Shaun Brewer Stories

Shaun Brewer is an organic chemist that sometimes finds himself in the path of serial killers, strange science experiments and psychotic entrepreneurs. Along with his Russian sidekick Dmitry Klyuzova, Shaun goes to great lengths to help those in need, stay alive and provide for his family. But throughout his adventures, he always finds time for a beer.

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Toomey's Hollow: And Other Tales

Five bone-chilling short tales from author Michael Blake that will take you from the swamps of New Orleans to the dreamscape of an ancient goddess.